вторник, 31 августа 2010 г.

September Blog Train

1. MoonDesigns: MoonDesign's Blog
2. Angel Hartline Designs: Life & art in Angeltown.
3. Digilicious Designs: Digi_licious Designs
4. ScrapBug Designs: ScrapBug Designs
5. Dizzy Scraps Designs: Dizzy Scraps Designs
6. geniaBeana Scraps: geniaBeana Scraps
7. Bon Scrapatit Designs: Bon Scrapatit Designs
8. Designs By Angel: Scrapping With Angel
9. LaLi Creations: LaLi Creations's Blog
10. Delicious Scraps: Delicious Scraps
11. jusme digital: jusme digital
12. Lauramarie Scraps: LauraMarie Scraps
13. Trixie Scraps Designs: Trixie Scraps Designs
14. TotallyTwistedScraps: Totally Twisted Scraps
15. Jen C Designs: Jen C Designs
16. QueenPamedalah: QueenPamedalah
17. Barbara Speck Designs: Barbara Speck Designs
18. Designs By Sherri Tierney: Designs by Sherri Tierney
19. Designed By Mandy King: Designs by Mandy King | Digital Scrapbook Designs
20. Willow Grace Designs Willow Grace Designs
21. Dylabel Designs: Dylabel Designs
22. Kathy Winters Designs: WordArt Fun
23. DigiDesigns by Denise DigiDesigns by Denise
24. Craft-tastrophic Designs http://craft-tastrophic.blogspot.com
25. Girlboheme Studio: Girlboheme Studios
26. KimericKreations: kimeric kreations
27. Girl Boy Girl Designs Girl Boy Girl Designs {by jen balding}
28. Steadfast and immovable: Steadfast and Immovable
29. Ellie Lash: Ellie Lash
30. caged bird designs: caged bird designs
31. StarSongStudio: Star Song Studio
32. FoxyDesigns http://foxydesigns.biz
33. JIC Creations: JIC Creations
34. JKCreations : JK creations
35. Designz By DeDe: DesignZ by DeDe
36. Mikki Designs mikkidesigns
37. ikscrap: scrappaginavanikscrap
38. LissaE Designz: LissaE Designz - Digital Scrap'n Designz
39. Sara E Designs: Scrap Sassy Silly
40. Inspired Designs By Crystal Inspired Designs by Crystal
41. Scrappin' Daisies Scrappin' Daisies
42. Just Passin' Thru Just Passin' Thru
43. AnDi Designs: AnDi Designs Scrapbooking Blog
44. Kiss This Designs: Kiss This Designs
45. MagsGraphics: MagsGraphics Digital Scrappin' Blog
46. MajorScrapola: Major Scrapola
47. Scraps by Mara: Scraps by Mara
48. designs by jmdt: designs by jmdt
49. AliSarah Designs: Scrappin' Cuteness!
50. Pebbles Designs: http://pebbles-designs.com
51. RUBY LANE Ruby Lane Digital Designs
52. Aprilisa Designs Aprilisa Design
53. Victoria Feemster Designs VFD
54. Circle Of Life Scraps: Circle of Life Scraps
55. Digi Illusions: Digi Illusions Blog
56. Inspirations from Linda: mrsjaybob.com
57. Roseytoes Designs Roseytoes Designs
58. My4Princesses Designs: My 4 Princesses Designs
59. Crystal's Creations Crystal's Creations By Design
60. Mad Genius Designs: Madness or Genius? Or Both?
61. Wyld Web Designs: A Funny Thing Happened Today
62. A-liya’s Dreams: A-liya's dreams
63. Mye De Leon: Mye De Leon
64. Blue Flower Art: ctrl-alt-doll | Blue Flower Art
65. eqrAveziur - eqrAveziur graphic & design - Digital Scrapbooking, Graphics and Designs
66. Stargazy Creations: Stargazy Creations
67. Scrapbookizate: *[...ScrapBookízate...]*
68. Shel Belle Scraps: Shel Belle Scraps
69. Darlene Designs: Darlene Designs
70. Jill DZines Jill DZines digital scrapbook blog
71. Snips and Snails Designs: Snips and Snails Designs
72. Rose Thorn: Creations by Rose Thorn aka Lady of the Thorns
73. MaitriScraps www.maitriscraps.blogspot.com
74. Luv Ewe Designs Luv Ewe Designs
75. Pixel lily designs: Pixelily's Scrap Designs
76. Starry Eyed Designs: Starry Eyed Designs
77. Q Studio: Q STUDIO
78. Lizard Dau Designs: Lizard Dau Designs
79. Nibbles Skribbles: Nibbles Skribbles
80. JennCK Designs: JennCk
81. Misty O'Brien Designs Misty O'Brien Designs
82. Pink Flamingo Designs Pink Flamingo Designs
83. Creations By Rachael: Creations By Rachael
84. Tiger Lily: tigerlilysdigis.com
85. Designs by ScrapShana: Designs by ScrapShana
86. Charm City Scraps Charm City Scraps
87. Today’s Scraps: Today's Scrap by Vicky Day
88. Inspirations from Day …Inspirations
89. Color With Caryn: Color With Caryn
90. Digital ARTchives Designs By Colleen
91. Eye On Design: Eye On Design - Digiscrap Blog of Veronica Spriggs
92. Digi Cyber Scraps: Digi Cyber Scraps
93. Beehaven Designz: BeeHaven Designz Digital Scrap Booking
94. Albina Design Albina's secrets
95. Design by Anita: Design by Anita
96. Designs By Amanda: Designs By Amanda
97. This Be Me Scraps: Digital Scrapbooking
98. Scrapbooks gone digital:http://www.scrapbooksgonedigital.blogspot.com
99. Melanie Designs: Melanie-Design
100. Hot Flash Designs: http://p-u-s-h.typepad.com/
101. Trish H. Designs: Trish H. Designs

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Unknown комментирует...

Thank you so much for your cute kit.

Sue комментирует...

Thank you very much for the lovely kit! :)

Mary комментирует...

Thank you!

Анонимный комментирует...

Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful fall blog train kit

MoosieD комментирует...

Toot toot, thanks for your lovely Fall Carnival kit. I am thoroughly enjoying my ride on the blog train. God bless.

Анонимный комментирует...

What a wonderful addition to this great kit I'm building. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and hard work in creating this part. I'm having a wonderful ride, and I sincerely THANK YOU for this gift.

Kirsten комментирует...

Thank you so much!

Анонимный комментирует...

Thank you very much for your beautiful part to this huge fall blog train!! Love the guitar!

deb комментирует...

Thank you so much! The guitar is AWESOME!

Анонимный комментирует...

Thank you! I've been wanting a good looking guitar for ages! <3

Dannethia комментирует...

thank you for sharing

Patti комментирует...

Thanks for being part of this blogtrain! I'm a little late getting started but when seeing the slideshow, I just fell in love with your purple paper! Thanks so much for sharing with us. I appreciate your generosity!